NIX Solutions: App that Makes You a Star for 15 Minutes

In the US App Store, the Hype Simulator app topped the downloads rank. It allows a person to temporarily feel like a TikTok celebrity with thousands of followers.

The idea behind Hype Simulator is that the app allows you to try on the role of a millionaire blogger without any extra effort. After registering an account, the user begins to receive notifications about new subscribers, and his private messages are bombarded with questions like “what would you be doing now if you weren’t so famous?”

NIX Solutions reports that the user of the Hype Simulator receives messages from bots in the style of “You are my idol”, “I love your posts”, etc. The app even allows you to create a “live stream” for fans.

The experience of using the application is comparable to that described in the fairy tale about Cinderella: for some time the user quickly gains thousands of messages, likes and subscribers, but soon the account becomes a “pumpkin”. That is, it gets removed. The popularity simulation lasts 15 minutes.

Some users played a prank on their parents or friends in this way, making them believe that they became famous overnight.

Having reached the mark of 100 thousand subscribers, the person undergoes verification (receives a check mark next to the account name). After 15 minutes, the session in the program ends, and the user is prompted to create a new account.

Some Hype Simulator users have already reported that the app can cause feelings of both joy and sadness. Commentators noted that the popularity of the service should not be surprising, because now almost every teenager dreams of becoming a celebrity on the Internet.